Flying Labs joins forces with Wingcopter on local drone delivery projects

German autonomous drone maker and operator Wingcopter has teamed up with Flying Labs Network to improve supply chains through locally led delivery drone projects. The aim is to equip local talent with the skills to operate the unmanned long-range drone operations to include beyond visual line of sight.

The Flying Labs Network strengthens local expertise in the use of drones, robotics, data and AI for positive social change in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond.

Flying Labs will be able to acquire Wingcopter drones at a reduced price and to directly access the drone operator’s expertise in the field. In addition WeRobotics will support Flying Labs through joint training and projects.

Andi Fisanich, Wingcopter’s head of humanitarian programs, said, “The partnership with the Flying Labs Network fits perfectly in our vision to create efficient and sustainable drone solutions to improve and save lives everywhere. It is impressive what the Flying Labs have built up, with support from the WeRobotics team, cultivating local skills and capacities through access to new technologies, education, and job opportunities.

“I truly believe that to strengthen supply chains with drones, it requires an active and supportive ecosystem that knows and involves their local communities. Together, we can establish a drone service for developing countries that allows its citizens to take the lead in building out this new industry and directly benefit from it.”

Dr Patrick Meier, co-founder and executive director of WeRobotics, said, “We’re very pleased to welcome Wingcopter to the Flying Labs Network given their strong commitment to local leadership. This commitment explains why several Flying Labs have already reached out to Wingcopter (and vice versa) to explore collaboration opportunities. We look forward to seeing Flying Labs engage in public health projects by leading the operation of Wingcopter drones in their own countries.”