FODEL customers to be able to collect from UAE 7Elevens

UAE customers of delivery company FODEL will soon be able to pick up their parcels from 7Eleven stores across the country.

7Eleven is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing FODEL customers to collect their goods at any time. Customers will be given notifications when their parcels arrive and will be given real-time tracking.

“Adding FODEL as a service to our stores enhances consumer convenience, increases footfall and will help boost impulse purchases from our customers who come to 7eleven for the high quality of the ‘grab and go’ fresh food products at affordable prices and the multiple available services available under one roof,” said Christophe Noblet, General Manager, Seven Emirates Investment.

Soumia Benturquia, Founder & CEO, FODEL, said: “7eleven is a reference of the pick-up locations concept globally and well-known for the great customer experience they provide. We are happy to have them part of our network and we can together create a unique and hassle-free parcel collection experience for online customers.

“7eleven’s growing network of UAE stores, their 24/7 availability and their strategic locations are a great asset for FODEL,” she added.

Mukesh Tripath, COO, FODEL, added: “Besides the technology, FODEL provides training programmes to retail staff of merchants to ensure a smooth customer experience. Store owners and operators have little to do to integrate without the need to hire new staff or invest in additional space.


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