Ford producing StreetScooter Work XL in Cologne

Automotive giant Ford has begun production of the Deutsche Post DHL StreetScooter Work XL Transit-based electric van at the Ford factory in Cologne.

The StreetScooter Work XL vehicle is based on a Transit chassis though has a battery-electric drive system and a body that has been built to suit DHL’s StreetScooter specifications.

The vehicle in question has a 20 cubic metre payload capacity that can carry up to 1,275kg. The 76kW motor has a range of 200km.

Some 16 units are to be built at the Cologne factory every day by around 180 dedicated staff.

“Manufacturing the StreetScooter Work XL at our plant in Cologne brings together perfectly Ford’s unrivalled expertise in commercial vehicle production along with StreetScooter’s strengths as an agile start-up company,” said Joerg Beyer, managing director, product development, Ford of Europe.

“This joint project underlines that as well as being a volume manufacturer, we can also deliver smaller production runs.”

“With the new Work XL StreetScooter, we now have the perfect e-van for parcel delivery in metropolitan areas, which in the future will also benefit other transport companies,” said Prof Achim Kampker, chief executive of StreetScooter.