Ford starts European road tests of E-Transit

Ford is doing real-world road testing of its new E-Transit by allowing customers to use them in their fleets. The parcel and postal operator customers are to trial them on regular delivery routes in Germany, the UK and Norway.

“Real-world trials are an important step on our journey to deliver the all-electric E‑Transit and will give us an even better understanding of how to help customers across different industries enhance their productivity using zero-emission power,” explained Andrew Mottram, E-Transit chief program engineer, commercial vehicles, Ford of Europe.

The vans’ loading area will be the same as current diesel Transits, allowing current models to be converted to electric as desired. Their payload capacity will be 1.616 tonnes for vans and up to 1.967 tonnes for chassis-cab models. Their WLTP range will be around 326km per charge.

The road trials of the E-Transit are ahead of a planned launch in spring 2022. The trials are planned to confirm that the EVs meet the demands of a wide variety of uses of diesel Transits on the road today.