Fragile & Liquid drives APC growth

APC, a UK independent delivery network, has seen a 3.5% year-on-year turnover growth to £109 million for the year end 2019. Gross profits hit £15.6 million.

The delivery network’s fragile & liquid services helped drive growth thanks to significant investment that has allowed sortation premises to expand and process more fragile deliveries per hour as business and consumer demand rises across the UK.

The investment by APC in fragile & liquid goods has resulted in doubling capacity for the vertical, driven by the popularity of craft beers and gins.

Despite an average 5% drop in the number of employees in the delivery industry, APC has bucked the trend by taking on 18% more staff. Many of these work in APC’s head office in Cannock, and as part of its commitment to its staff, most are on permanent employment contracts.

The delivery network has invested heavily in IT, with visibility for the customer on driver proximity and driver arrival ETA for ad hoc collections one of the main interests of this investment.

Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive at APC Overnight, said: “We have enjoyed another strong year, despite widespread uncertainty and a challenging market. Alongside our continued commitment to upgrading our services, so that our network of depots can better serve the UK’s SMEs, we have invested in our workforce.

“Over the last 25 years, our dedicated staff working in our hub and across the UK have been the driving force behind our success and the success of the businesses they serve. We are very much looking forward to growing the business further in 2020, building on the achievements of this year and continuing in our role as the only carrier exclusively for SMEs.”


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