FTA attacks TfL over road repairs plan

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has slammed Transport for London’s plans to freeze non-essential road repairs in the metropolitan area.

The FTA said that the plans to only do essential road maintenance for the next two years could have catastrophic effects for businesses to keep everyone supplied with the goods and services they want in the capital.

The attack by the FTA comes after the Mayor of London announced a two year freeze on non-essential road repairs. The FTA pointed out that this could cause damage and delays that could have a serious impact on the capital’s financial profitability.

“London cannot function if its roads do not work. It takes 400 thousand tonnes of goods every day to keep the Capital working,” said Natalie Chapman, head of FTA urban policy.

“But the cost of transporting these keeps increasing as congestion gets worse and restrictions on commercial vehicles are extended, with the introduction of the new Direct Vision Standard and Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Now we are told non-essential road maintenance is to be abandoned for two years, this is bad news for costs, congestion, emissions and safety.”