FTA calls for 3p diesel fuel duty cut

Because of “a dramatic increase in the number of road freight companies going bust”, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has called on the Chancellor to cut fuel duty.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond is to present his budget tomorrow (Wednesday) and there are some rumours that due to the newly recognised pollution problems with diesel there could be a fuel duty hike on that fuel.

According to the FTA, in the three months to September 2016, 32 UK trucking companies had declared insolvency. This almost doubled to 59 in the three months to September this year.

The FTA wants a cut in fuel duty of at least 3p a litre on diesel that would in its opinion boost the national economy but also save a number of hauliers that are on the brink.

Christopher Snelling, head of National Policy, said: “Over the past six years, the number of operators declaring insolvency had been gradually falling. This sudden rise is extremely worrying and needs addressing as a matter of urgency.”

The fossil fuel lobbying group FairFuelUK supports the FTA in its calls in some belief that the economy is more important than air quality for the ‘most vulnerable’ (who often have breathing difficulties in smog). The pressure group added to the FTA’s claims by saying, “Raising the duty or VED on diesel for example, as we hear you may indeed do, will hit the most vulnerable who have no other choice and simply can’t afford to upgrade their vehicles to newer models,” it said.
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