FTA calls for LST trial to become permanent

The Freight Transportation (FTA) have said that after the resounding success reported in an interim report into the 10 year long trial of long semi-trailers (LSTs) by the Department for Transport, the trial should become permanent.

The new LST semi-trailers are up to 2.05 metres longer than the standard 13.6 metre long units currently being used. The government report found that owing to the higher carrying capacity of LST’s, more than 10 million miles of HGV journeys have been taken off the road. This reduces the amount of lorry miles by 1 in 19 per company in the trial.

The Department for Transport report into LST’s found that, assessed by distance travelled, “LST’s have been involved in around 70 per cent fewer personal injury collisions and casualties, than the average for GB articulated HGVs.”

Christopher Snelling, head of national and regional policy, said: “The success of the LST trial is clear and undeniable – it is time DfT looked to simply establish the flexibility in law so that the UK can continue to benefit from the efficiency it brings. The success of this project shows what can be gained from adding marginally to a dimensions of our road freight fleet – massive carbon, air quality and safety benefits can be achieved right now. Weights and dimensions should be looked at in a rational, evidenced based manner and not simply rejected because some campaigners do not like the sound of them.”

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