FTA calls for protection of logistics in Brexit talks

Ahead of the latest round of Brexit negotiations the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is urging officials to prioritise the interests of logistics operators at both sides of the Channel in order to protect the UK-EU supply chain.

“It is of paramount importance that progress is made now towards the creation of a trade agreement that’s acceptable to both parties,” says Sarah Laouadi, European Policy Manager at FTA, the business group which represents the logistics sector. “The UK has outlined its proposed free trade agreement, which the EU has had time to consider. On behalf of those responsible for manufacturing and moving goods on both sides of the border, we are urging both sides to approach next week’s round of discussions in an open and welcoming manner, to ensure that progress can be made on reaching a consensus that benefits both sides.

“With so little time left before both sides are due to take stock of the negotiations and assess whether a deal can be finalised within the Brexit deadlines, it is now imperative that progress is made at the talks. The EU and UK have a highly interdependent supply chain, which affects so many businesses on both side of the Channel, and our members are keen that this week’s negotiations ensure that the work that is done by so many businesses to trade effectively can continue without interruption.”