FTA calls for roll out of Long Semi-Trailers

Following the success of a trial of Longer Semi-Trailers (LSTs), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) says they should be a permanent fixture on Britain’s roads.

The Department for Transport (DfT) report showed that their use reduces carbon emissions and road congestion while being safe for the drivers and other users.

Phil Lloyd, Head of Engineering & Vehicle Standards Policy at FTA, commented: “Failure to make LSTs permanent is holding back an opportunity to significantly reduce carbon emissions. After all, the benefits LSTs provide to both the environment and the economy have been made evident in the government’s study. The UK’s roads are congested and carbon emissions from road transport remain too high; with LSTs able to carry more goods per journey than traditional HGVs, they present an efficient and environmentally-prudent method of freight transportation. The quantity of freight that needs to be moved is relatively fixed – if we can move the same amount with fewer journeys, the better for the environment, the economy and other road users.”

The trial of LSTs has been going on for the last seven years. They reduced overall truck journeys by 365,000 and reduced carbon emissions by 37,000 tonnes. In addition they had 55% fewer collisions than the average among other HGVs.

Lloyd continued: “At a time when the road transport sector needs to reduce its environmental impact while businesses are also seeking to improve efficiencies, LSTs present a perfect, well evidenced solution. We hope government seizes this opportunity and makes their use permanent as soon as possible.”