FTA calls on government to review of HGV testing

The FTA has called for the government to review the HGV testing market that includes looking at how the annual test is delivered by the DVSA.

The “DVSA is not measuring the factors which indicate whether vehicle testing processes are delivering or not, both for the operator and for legislators,” said director of policy Elizabeth de Jong.

According to the FTA there is an absence of a number of metrics being shared with the public. In sharing them so the DVSA and industry can work together on the difficulties being experienced and better solve them together.

Jong pointed out that there is a severe shortage of engineers across the country responsible for carrying out these tests. “Despite assurances to the contrary from DVSA,” says Jong, “this is an area which will need urgent attention in the coming months, to ensure the UK fleet can stay on the road and compliant.”

The FTA argues that operators should be able to conduct their own tests given that they have demonstrated the requested standards to achieve the marque.

“The time is now right for the HGV testing regime to be subject to a full and thorough review to develop a system which works best for industry, fee payers and road safety,” said Jong.