FTA – clear road map for logistics industry needed post Brexit

The logistics industry needs a ‘clear road map’ to keep trad moving after Brexit according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA), or there will be serious delays and essential product shortages.

“Simply saying things will be OK is no longer enough,” said FTA president Leigh Pomlett. “The logistics sector will be key to making Brexit work for the UK but we can no longer work blind and be left to guess what we may have to do, and when by.”

The FTA’s Pomlett explained that time for political negotiations on Brexit running out all the while those responsible keeping Britain trading urgently need “the tools with which to facilitate a smooth departure from the EU for all British business.”

Businesses need to start making spending decisions and committing to operating plans for post-Brexit now but are currently operating “in the dark”, said Pomlett. “Without knowing who we will be employing, how we will be crossing borders, what certifications and permits goods and vehicles will require to travel, business as we know it will be unable to continue.”