FTA – DVSA still not MOT testing HGVs

The government has once again delayed its announcement on the details of HGV MOT testing, set to re-start in July. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed frustration on the matter.

The FTA head of road freight regulation James Firth says that businesses are still uncertain as to whether the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is to be conducting annual HGV MOT tests from the end of the month.

“With just 13 days to go before bookable MOT test appointments would need to be available from DVSA, we are concerned that more exemption certificates will need to be issued,” he says, “resulting in some trucks operating for 18 months since their last MOT. In addition, operators are concerned about whether or not DVSA will have sufficient testing resource available to return to full volume testing in the near future.    

“Businesses need to be able to plan and schedule vehicle tests and Authorised Testing Facilities (private sector facilities used by DVSA) need to take bookings. For vehicles due their test in June, the announcement that they would be given an exemption certificate was made on 28 May. The uncertainty caused by these month-by-month last minute announcements is a pressure that freight businesses could do without while they are focused on keeping the economy running during the coronavirus crisis “  

DVSA examiners still haven’t returned to work when other businesses around the UK have been back at work for some time. This puzzles FTA members.

DVSA withdrew its Vehicle Standards Assessors from testing facilities overnight on 18 March and started issuing three-month exemption certificates to vehicles from 24 March. “FTA has offered Government many suggestions for how safety tests could be resumed but exactly three months since the tests were stopped so abruptly, there still doesn’t seem to be a plan and this is hindering our ability to help the nation get back to work.”