FTA – falling immigration from EU adding to driver shortage

The logistics and delivery driver shortage is worsening thanks to falling immigration from the EU according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA). Companies already hard-pressed to find enough drivers are struggling even more.

This claim comes as the FTA presses the UK government to recognise that EU immigrants of all skill-sets and incomes have value, not just those ‘highly skilled’ ones the government has signalled would be let in in future.

The FTA’s Logistics Skills Report 2019 shows that declining immigration from the EU has contributed to a 43% rise in job vacancies in transport and storage over the last two years. Many of these vacancies are left un-filled.

Sally Gilson, Head of Skills Campaigns at FTA, said: “The logistics sector is facing serious challenges in the recruitment and retention of labour: 59,000 HGV drivers alone are urgently needed to keep just to keep operations afloat.”

Gilson continued, “The logistics sector is the lifeblood of the nation’s economy, contributing £124 billion gross value added (GVA); without adequate levels of staff, operations will come crashing to a halt and businesses will cease trading.”


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