FTA launches Northern Ireland Protocol Report

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched its Northern Ireland Policy Protocol Report that highlights the key measures its members need to observe to keep trade moving after the Brexit transition period ends on 31st of December.

Seamus Leheny, Policy Manager for Northern Ireland at FTA comments: “Logistics is an adaptable and resilient industry; we are determined to make a success of the protocol and this report is designed to assist government in this shared ambition. The protocol puts NI in the unique position of being able to trade freely with the UK and EU while protecting all island supply chains on the Island of Ireland, however, we must ensure NI businesses are not disadvantaged within the UK internal market by any burdensome financial or practical barriers to this trade. In FTA’s Report, we set out the agreed text of the protocol and detail how we believe this will translate into the practical movement of goods between NI and GB under the new, post-transition UK-EU relationship.

“We have launched the report today (30 April 2020) to coincide with the next official government meeting on the protocol; it is vital the government listens to the guidance of industry and understands the measures it should take to keep goods moving as efficiently as possible.”