FTA pans government Clean Van Commitment

In response to the UK government’s Clean Van Commitment published this week, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has said that in order to effectively switch from fossil fuel powered to electric vehicles and thereby reduce pollution, the price of the vehicles need to be competitive with fossil fuel powered vehicles and supporting infrastructure such as charging points needs to be provided by the government.

The view from the FTA comes as the government launched its Clean Van Commitment that encourages manufacturers to increase investment electric vehicles. The FTA believes that for this to happen the government needs to support businesses in going electric.

“The Clean Van Commitment sends a strong signal to the industry: green van fleets are in demand and both drivers and operators are willing to switch to lower-emission models,” said FTA policy manager for vans and urban transport Denise Beedell. However, “to achieve significant breakthrough across the industry, there must be more commitment and support from government.”

Beedell continued: “There is currently insufficient charging infrastructure in place for electric vehicles to be adopted on such a large scale. And with the higher price of electric models, and no incentive to switch from conventionally fuelled vehicles, there has to be more work done to ensure it is an affordable and realistic option for businesses of all sizes.”