FTA publishes booklet on reducing diesel emissions

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme (LERS) has launched a new, free guide coaching road operators on how to reduce their use of diesel. Available on the LERS website, the advice comes from top companies in the sector to save money and reduce emissions by reducing fuel costs.

Rebecca Kite, Environment Policy Manager at FTA, the business organisation which administers the scheme, comments: “The average emissions from LERS members are close to 13% lower per vehicle km than the industry average. For the most part, operators have achieved this reduction by using their existing diesel fleets more efficiently, rather than adopting alternatively powered vehicles.

“At FTA, we recognise that not every business is able to transition to alternatively-fuelled vehicles; that is why we have identified from this research six quick wins to reduce fuel use. From reducing empty running and aerodynamics to route optimisation and telematics, there are steps operators of all fleet sizes and budget considerations can take; these techniques also have the potential to dramatically cut fuel bills. Different strategies will be more effective for different types of operations; this guide offers advice on where and when these options are appropriate.

“As the trade organisation representing the entire logistics sector, funded by its members, FTA is in a unique position to advise hauliers on the best steps to take. FTA’s goal is to help all parts of the logistics industry save costs and reduce its environmental footprint, avoiding the future need for government intervention in our sector.”


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