FTA Road to Zero

The FTA has shown support for the UK government’s short term plans to reduce HGV emissions by 15%.

The new target was officially set in the government’s Road to Zero report. The 15% target is based on reductions from a baseline in 2015.

Commenting on the target, FTA’s Head of UK Policy Christopher Snelling said: “All sectors of society need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. HGVs and their operators have to play their part in this and significant steps have already been made by the industry to change its behaviours and impact on the environment.

“However, we think this target is challenging, given that, in reality, there are only seven years left to achieve it, but if the right things are done it can be delivered.

“The logistics sector will continue to work to make every efficiency in loading and routing, but if operators are to keep the UK supplied with the more than five million tonnes of goods that it needs every single day just to function, the government will have to support those responsible for moving goods by HGVs to enable them to facilitate the change without undue penalty.”

The UK’s Road to Zero report includes a range of other recommendations, including:

• Funding the Energy Savings Trust to develop a freight portal with advice for HGV operators, particularly smaller hauliers, on improving fuel and operational efficiency

• Working with road infrastructure bodies and the HGV sector to manage congestion and ensure freight can travel efficiently

• Continuing to support shifting freight from road to rail

• Developing a single agreed standard for an Ultra-Low Emission Truck (ULET), so manufacturers and buyers of lorries know what alternatively fuelled vehicles they should be purchasing, and central and local government know what they should support and encourage

• Pursuing regulatory opportunities to support the road freight sector in switching to lower emission commercial vehicles.