Fuat Adoran given a lead role in CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics has announced that it has appointed its former Managing Director, Turkey, Fuat Adoran, to lead the supply chain management company’s operations in the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.

Adoran will continue to be based in Istanbul and will report directly to CEVA Logistics CEO Xavier Urbain. Adoran has worked for the company since it established a centre in Turkey in 2001.

He will now be responsible for 4,500 staff across 9 countries. CEVA is the market leader in Turkey with an excellent footprint across the country in both freight management and contract logistics. One of Adoran’s primary goals with be to share knowledge and expertise developed in Turkey to create solutions for customers in other countries within his cluster. He will intensify the collaboration between countries to provide new and service improvements to customers.

CEVA’s Contract Logistics footprint in Turkey provides it with an excellent opportunity to create a roadmap for growing business opportunities within the cluster across all four business lines – air, ocean, ground transportation and contract logistics. Turkey is often seen as the bridge between Europe and Asia, and this move by CEVA will take advantage of the geographical and cultural connections.

“I see a number of promising business development opportunities for CEVA. This area comprises a diverse group of countries operating in a number of key vertical markets where we have particular expertise which we can capitalize on to drive forward and achieve our goals. Investment in verticals such as our project business in the Middle East will certainly continue,” says Adoran.

Says CEVA Logistics CEO, Xavier Urbain: “I am pleased to welcome Fuat in his new role. I am confident he will help us to develop the BAMECA cluster and support our goal of creating strong added value services for our customers.”