Full size dinosaur delivered by Ketra Logistics

A life sized Triceratops dinosaur model has been delivered from the Natural History Museum in London to Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. Ketra Logistics, part of the Palletways network, had to move the model intact across London and into Kent.

Trevor the Triceratops was the “largest, heaviest and most peculiar delivery” in the company’s history. It was five metres long, two metres wide and two metres tall, and the streets of London were clearly not built for dinosaurs to roam.

In order to make Trevor’s journey as comfortable as possible, Martyn Young, MD of Ketra Logistics said, “We used a bespoke packaging material to ensure its safe transit and this truly demonstrates that we can pretty much deliver anything that fits in our lorries!”

Speaking of the request to move the model, Young said, “When we got the call from the Natural History Museum to transport the five metres long, two metres tall and two metres wide Triceratops, we were a little surprised. This was a first for us but we never say no to a challenge!”

The Natural History Museum needed its mascot, Trevor the Triceratops to be moved to its recently opened Dino Store in the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. This was no mean feat, with the large and heavy body needing tender loving care to be moved through London’s streets intact and with minimal inconvenience to other travellers. Though it somewhat comfortably fits on a HGV low loader trailer, it was still an effort to move the beast to the shopping centre.

Ketra Logistics is part of the Palletways network, the largest and fastest growing palletised freight network in Europe.