GB Agencies uses Descartes e-customs solution for Brexit

End to end logistics solutions providers GB Agencies (GBA) has announced that with customs software from Descartes Systems Group it is prepared for Brexit at the end of the year.

“While the customs process surrounding Brexit is complex it must not interfere with the product logistics chain. Working on behalf of our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we cannot allow shipments of our customers’ motor vehicles to be delayed entering or leaving the country waiting for customs clearance. We implemented the Descartes e-Customs solution in preparation of the significant increase in customs declarations that we anticipate come 1st January 2021 as much as a five-fold increase. Descartes has played a leading role in our Brexit planning, helping to clear the fog of uncertainty to understand the processes we must follow. We’re confident that with Descartes’ solution we have the right accreditations and software we require to fully facilitate the expectations of our OEMs for import and export of their products with no customs interruptions post-Brexit,” said Timothy O’Mahoney, Shipping Network Manager, G.B. Agencies.