Generation Logistics recruitment campaign launched

The UK government has launched a logistics and warehousing recruitment campaign called Generation Logistics. Co-ordinated by Logistics UK and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the campaign has support from key figures across the sector.

Then-Transport Minister Grant Shapps MP, said   “The pandemic has once again demonstrated the strategic importance of supply-chains and their associated workers,” he wrote. “Their work to keep the UK moving was exemplary and I have nothing but admiration for those unsung heroes who keep the UK trading, keep food on our shelves and provide our factories, shops, hospitals, and schools with the supplies they need.  Logistics workers make a substantial difference to our lives, every day. 

  “However, we have a new challenge facing us as we look to the future of freight. We need to attract a diverse and skilled workforce to play a key part in a new, exciting era transforming an industry at the forefront of innovation and technology. There are thousands of logistics roles available to people from all backgrounds, experience and skills. This campaign will showcase those opportunities in artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles and the decarbonisation of the supply chain. This industry campaign is integral to not only supporting growth of this vital sector but also ensuring we have the workforce needed for now and the future.” 

President of Logistics UK, Phil Roe said that the campaign represents the ideal opportunity for logistics businesses to attract, identify and develop a new and diverse generation of talent to fill vacancies industry-wide and future proof the sector:

 “Logistics is one of UK PLC’s unsung heroes, keeping the economy supplied with everything it needs, yet many people know little to nothing about what is involved in the industry.  We are delighted to have the support of the government, as well as many key names in the sector, to launch what promises to be a ground-breaking campaign for our industry – my challenge to those who have yet to engage, can you and your business afford to miss out?”

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