Geodis dry runs no-deal Brexit conditions

French parcels business Geodis and chemical company Arkema have tested a no-deal Brexit customs scenario in collaboration with French Customs.

The trial took place on 24th September, where goods were shipped from the Arkema plant in La Chambre in SE France to the UK under ‘no-deal conditions’.

The trial involved advanced transmission of customs documents and the ease of physically crossing the border. To add to this they had to match customs data with the contents of the vehicle. According to Geodis the trial was successful and the goods were transferred across the border safely.

Rémi Poteau, key account manager at Geodis, said: “This full-scale dry run was key to guaranteeing the free flow of trade. This experience allowed Geodis to prove that it is now ready to provide safe and reliable logistics services between France and the United Kingdom for its customers in the event of a no-deal Brexit.”


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