Geodis offers clear, fast transatlantic delivery service

French logistics player Geodis is offering a new, guaranteed 4-6-day B2C delivery service from the US to Europe for e-commerce customers to have an affordable and reliable cross-border service.

The reasoning behind this is the explosive growth in transatlantic cross-border e-commence. High shipping costs often result in abandoned carts, and this abandonment is often reinforced with long delivery times as well as customs fees and taxes that aren’t revealed until after payment.

The Geodis MyParcel service is a means of tackling these issues. “With the explosive growth of international e-commerce, our customers want to offer consumers a premium service at a completely transparent price,” explained Manoj Pankaj, vice president, cross-border e-commerce, GEODIS.

The MyParcel service will enable small packages to be sent from the United States to customers in 27 countries. Ashwani Nath, global head of e-channel solutions at GEODIS, noted, “In the coming months we will be adding new geographical areas, both in terms of destinations and countries of origin as part of our global e-commerce strategy”.

MyParcel is clear about duties and charges throughout the purchase process as well as offering the opportunity to reschedule a delivery and to track packages from end to end.