Getir takes on 3 London warehouses

Turkish q-commerce firm Getir has taken on three warehouses at the Waltham X warehouse scheme in Waltham Cross, London. The firm has been taking up real estate for dark store customer fulfilment centres to date and these warehouses are a departure from that trajectory.

Until now the firm has been solely focused on taking on dark stores around the UK as it expands its operations, so it can deliver goods to customers in as few as 10 minutes. The dark stores are in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Southampton, and Portsmouth.

Getir plans to invest £100 million in the UK, creating 10,000 new and permanent jobs. It has already opened 75 dark stores in nine UK cities. It will be in at least 15 UK cities by Christmas this year.

Turancan Salur, General Manager for Getir UK said: “Our UK business model is the delivery of groceries from our local stores using a 100% e-vehicle fleet. We are removing the need for millions of miles of petrol and diesel car journeys to be made every year and making our city roads safer, quieter and cleaner – at the same time as giving our customers a service that gives them great products and saves them huge amounts of valuable time.”

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