Getir to begin operations in New York City

Turkey based sub-15-minute delivery player Getir is to launch operations in the New York City districts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and parts of Queens. This is the q-commerce company’s first move into the US, which will be the ninth country it has worked into.

Getir uses e-bike and e-scooter delivery riders to take goods to people who order them via their apps. It operates out of dark store customer fulfilment centres that stock around 2,000 items and can deliver them between 08:00 and midnight, seven days a week.

Currently, Getir operates in U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Its fast growth has been in part fuelled by the US $1.1 billion in funding it raised this year, valuing it at US $7.7bn.

The q-commerce company is entering a crowded q-commerce market in the US. Rivals DoorDash have launched a convenience delivery offering in New York City, while existing player 1520 folded in recent months.

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