GFS Checkout ensures better sales

Parcel and carrier manager GFS claims that its retail customers have reported a 10% increase in completed orders since the GFS Checkout was introduced in the last twelve months.

With an estimated 12.5% of UK shoppers abandoning their shopping carts during online shopping trips in the last 12 months, it is recognised that a smooth and simple shopping and payment experience is key to ensuring that the shoppers who begin a shopping process with a site remain until the deal is closed.

One factor to consider amongst many is to allow the customer more choice to dictate how and when they have their goods delivered. The GFS Checkout system enables online shopping platforms to give shoppers this option. This can mean the difference between a business making the sale or losing out should the shopper abandon.

Online retail in the UK is worth in excess of £52bn annually. With something around 20% of shopping trips abandoned nationwide, this is a significant loss for businesses as a whole.

In communications with customers and businesses, GFS and Hermes found in a survey earlier this month that greater choice and clarity in the shopping basket experience can make the difference between people staying to the end or moving on.

E-commerce retail in the UK has given much greater choice to customers who are now a lot more sophisticated and knowledgeable as to what is available. Even a few years ago, with less choice and competition, people would have been less likely to click away from a site offering complicated and / or expensive delivery options. As the market matures, so greater choice on your website will give the buyer less flexibility to choose another website to purchase the same item elsewhere.

Simon Veale, Director of GFS said, “These are all things which are relatively easy to correct and yet have such potentially costly consequences if left unattended”.