GFS Returns Pro to be based on ZigZag Global system

UK based global carrier consolidator GFS has chosen ZigZag’s SaaS returns management system to launch its new GFS Global Returns Pro.

GFS Returns Pro is aimed at SMEs and larger online retailers and puts the ZigZag technology platform with more than 200 multi-carrier services and expertise from GFS into a single solution. According to GFS this will give customers a fast and easy way to request a return in a single solution in less than a minute. It also cuts costs of the returns process for retailers by up to 40%. It can be deployed in just 1-2 days.

According to the carrier consolidator, GFS Returns Pro is being launched at just the right time. With rising return rates of over 50%, these cost the e-commerce sector more than £60bn a year. Thanks to stock being tied up and handling costs being high, there is a market for driving efficiencies into the system.

UPS recently published research suggesting that 79% of customers will check the returns policy prior to making the final decision. Up to 50% of purchases are abandoned in the cart thanks to a poor returns policy. With lockdown causing a spike in e-retail the problem in the returns pipeline has been magnified.

Neil Cotty, CEO at GFS, said, “Until now, only the largest global retailers have had access to the tools and resources to master the returns challenge. GFS Global Returns Pro will level the playing field by offering small and larger retailers a fast and affordable solution to simplify returns and give customers a high-end returns experience without the high-end cost. This is a strategic development for us. The addition of Global Returns Pro to the GFS portfolio means that we can now offer an unrivalled global outbound and inbound solution that makes it both fast and simple for e-commerce businesses to expand internationally.”

Al Gerrie, co-founder and CEO, ZigZag Global, commented, “GFS is a well-respected e-commerce provider for some of the most exciting retailers in the industry. ZigZag is delighted that GFS has decided to use our technology to power their new returns solution. Customers from a long list of promising retailers already using GFS for their outbound logistics will now be able to take advantage of our hassle-free returns portal for faster refunds, creating satisfied and loyal customers.”