Global delivery company Spring rebrands

Global delivery solutions company Spring has rebranded to better suit its activities in the global e-commerce marketplace.

Spring used to be called Spring Global Mail but has rebranded to just Spring, with the tagline, ‘global delivery solutions’ to reflect its current business interests.

Spring, which was set up by SingPost, Royal Mail and TNT in 2000, has seen a decline in mail volumes as its founding companies have too. As has its founders Royal Mail, SingPost and now its current parent company PostNL, Spring has seen a major move into parcels due to the explosive growth of the e-commerce market. It is believed by management at the company that the rebranding will be a call to action for potential customers who wish to use its services to get goods to customers around the world.

Spring’s Marketing and Communications Manager Freia Goederaad said of the rebranding, “In the past years, we enjoyed rapid growth and gradually repositioned ourselves as an e-commerce services partner.

“We introduced new solutions such as a cost effective postal solution for small packets and an international returns platform.

“We shifted from being a mail only provider to a full mail, parcel and return solutions provider.

“The Spring brand, however, wasn’t following.  As a result, the brand no longer reflected what the company really does, what it stands for, and why people clearly should choose Spring.”

Spring focuses on international, cross border deliveries and supports national mail operators around the world with its international reach. This is very different from the company that was originally founded that focused on international mail deliveries. As computers have killed off paper mail, so the e-commerce boom is promoted by them, changing the was postal operators around the world do business in terms of declining mail volumes of one and increasing volumes of another.

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