Global parcels market growth at 8.5% according to new report from Apex Insight

A new report published by Apex Insight, Global Parcel Delivery Market Insight Report 2015, shows that the global parcels market has grown at an impressive 8.5% in 2014.  A number of factors contributed to the growth of the market, including the continuing surge in e-commerce deliveries, growth in the Chinese parcels market and an improvement in economic outlook in most advanced economies.


The United States is currently the largest parcels market in terms of market value, although China is now the largest parcels market in terms of volume and the second-largest by value. Parcel volumes in China grew by a staggering 51.9% in 2014, as the country embraces e-commerce, growing at 35% per year.


Despite worldwide growth from online retail, maintaining profitability remains a key challenge for parcel delivery operators. Several of the largest carriers have witnessed a shift from priority services to deferred services over the last few years, which has directly impacted margins in what remains – in most geographies – an intensely competitive market.


UPS is the world’s largest parcel delivery company, followed by FedEx and Deutsche Post DHL. The most recent parcel revenues of the leading 12 companies reviewed in detail in the report amount to approximately US$155bn. The companies covered include UPS, FedEx, Deutsche Post DHL, Yamato Group (Japan), Royal Mail Group, La Poste, TNT Express, SG Holdings (Japan), USPS, China Post, Japan Post Group and Aramex.


Prominent in recent news has been FedEx’s proposed acquisition of TNT Express. In October 2015, FedEx received indications that the European Commission would not raise objections to its proposed acquisition of TNT. If TNT were to be incorporated into FedEx’s operations; FedEx’s revenues would be approximately US$53bn, putting FedEx closer to UPS in terms of Group revenue (although some divestments would be likely, as we discussed recently) More importantly, it grows FedEx’s presence internationally in Asia Pacific, Brazil and, in particular, in Europe.


Further details can be seen on the product page:  Global Parcel Delivery Market Insight Report 2015