Glovo opens fulfilment centre-led Q-Commerce

Barcelona based on-demand delivery company Glovo has launched Q-Commerce, which the company claims can deliver almost anything the customer wants in thirty minutes or less.

In order to make Q-Commerce happen, Glovo has opened a number of virtual dark stores – fulfilment warehouses that hold and supply the goods that Glovo’s clients sell. Customers buy through Glove Market that has 50,000 active users who make approximately two orders a minute, 24/7.

Glovo is working with major retail brands including Unilever, Nestle, and L’Oreal as well as major retailers including Walmart, Carrefour and Kaufland. Instead of collecting their goods from their physical stores, goods are held at the Glovo virtual dark stores and are picked and packed when orders are made. The on-demand delivery company says that this is a turn-key solution that can allow any retailer to plug in to their ordering system and work with Glovo very quickly.

Currently there are virtual dark stores at Barcelona, Madrid and Milan but Glovo plans to open as many as 100 such stores across Europe by 2021.

Daniel Alonso, Global Director of Q-Commerce at Glovo, said: “With shops closing down and lockdowns globally, consumers now want and expect more items than ever to be delivered to their doorstep. With this has brought new demands – it is no longer a case of waiting 24-48 hours for a delivery. Rather, the expectation for this is now a matter of minutes. At Glovo we’re committed to thirty minutes or less with all products available on Q-Commerce. As we continue to expand our enhanced offering, we’re excited to launch Q-Commerce in other parts of Spain and the rest of Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa over the next 12 months.”