GLS Italy to use MHS sorting system

Royal Mail owned GLS Italy has awarded a contract to build a new sorting system to MHS, to provide a parcel sorting system for GLS at its new international sorting hub in Sordio, near Milan.

MHS is to be responsible for project management as well as the design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning of the new plant. The design brief is to equip the sorting hub with a system capable of handling 22,500 packages per hour.

The sorting hub will use three main sorting systems. Two cross-belt sorter systems sort regular and small parcels while a third handles irregular, non-standard shipments.

The GLS Italy’s Milan international sorting hub is being built with growth in mind as volumes increase in the coming years. Klaus Schädle, Group Area Managing Director of GLS Italy, commented: “Given the increase in international volumes, we believe that this project can represent a fundamental piece of our broader growth and development strategy that aims to position GLS Italy alongside small and medium-sized enterprises that export Made in Italy products abroad.”

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