GLS Netherlands goes carbon neutral on deliveries

Royal Mail-owned GLS Netherlands has achieved carbon-neutrality for all parcels sent within the country and those being sent abroad. This has come from measures to reduce and avoid the use of CO2 but also through buying carbon credits.

“Protecting the climate is the number one issue that the economy, logistics and society will not be able to avoid in the coming decades,” said Milo Kars, MD at GLS Netherlands. “All the more reason for us to continue to speed up the ecological reorganization of our company. In order to already offer a fully climate neutral service, we are compensating our remaining ecological footprint up to 100%.”

The carbon credits are being bought through the Climate Neutral Group that helps companies reduce their carbon emissions through investing in projects that meet the VCS or Gold Standard.

On the operational side, GLS Netherlands has been focusing on sustainable and emissions-free deliveries in the 20 largest Dutch city centres. To achieve this it is investing in a fleet of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

“It is because of the increasing demand for parcel services that our sector is playing an increasingly important role in controlling climate change,” concluded Kars. “However, a climate-neutral parcel delivery also involves more investments and costs due to new technologies, processes and concepts. This is only possible in close cooperation with our customers; sustainability also requires partnership.”