GLS starts using e-bikes in Darmstadt

Royal Mail owned parcel delivery firm GLS has set up an e-bike delivery service in Darmstadt, which is now the 5th city in the country to have this service.

GLS had already been running the electric powered bicycles in Konstanz, Dusseldorf, Nuremburg and Dortmund. The bikes started their rounds in Darmstadt this week.

GLS has a “microdepot” in Darmstadt’s Marienplatz from which the eBikes can fan out to make deliveries to local home and businesses.

As part of a 12-week pilot project, the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences will be measuring the environmental impact of switching from diesel vans to the eBikes. GLS is also working on a similar project with the local university in Nuremberg.

Erithard Fritze, GLS Area Manager West, said the company wants to increase its use of eBikes in Germany significantly, and the data from the universities will provide valuable information on which to base its decisions.

Germany is seeing a large number of delivery companies switch over to e-bikes and e-trikes as well as e-vans for their delivery work. It is known that Germany has strong public support for a green future, and their postal operator Deutsche Post DHL has even begun an award for airlines that can deliver on good green credentials. With the delivery industry being a major emitter of fossil fuels, it seems a good idea that Germany is leading the way and being the richest country in Europe, other countries may soon follow… 
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