GLS uses electric bikes in Konstanz

General Logistics Systems (GLS) Germany has begun delivering parcels by electric assisted cargo bicycle in Konstanz. The new delivery routes include 120 customers and replaces a diesel powered delivery vehicle.

Because it is electric motor assisted it can transport cargoes of around 200kg, and delivers to customers in central Konstanz as well as the Paradise quarter nearby.

“The bicycles are designed for the city so they are easier to park and also are not subject to environmental traffic restrictions,” says Anne Putz, Head of Corporate Communication of GLS.

“It is important for us to reduce environmental pollution and promote targeted emission targets,” she adds.

GLS is optimising city logistics and is making a further contribution to reducing carbon emissions, and this is supported through the company’s Think Green programme. GLS is using cargo bikes in Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain and Hungary.

The process involves taking the parcels to a location in a GLS van. This effectively becomes a micro depot through which the bike box can be repeatedly loaded.

GLS Germany is a subsidiary of GLS, General Logistics Systems B.V. (Headquarters Amsterdam), which is in turn owned by Royal Mail. GLS as a company provides reliable, high-quality parcel services for more than 220,000 customers in Europe and also offers express and logistics services.

Carbon emissions are a major headache for delivery companies and taking steps to tackle them improves their corporate responsibility as well as driving fuel costs down as fuel prices rise. Electric assisted cargo bicycles are a good step in the right direction, particularly for high density areas with multiple clients in a relatively short distance.