Glympse and Here launch package tracking solution

Real-time location sharing platform Glympse and location platform services provider Here Technologies are working together on a last-mile product delivery tracking solution.

The new system is aimed at retailers, quick-serve restaurants (QSR) as well as emergency roadside assistance operators that seek to offer a “complete frictionless journey”.
With the click-and-collect market growing alongside QSRs and consumer package goods companies, a tracking solution could give such firms a competitive edge.
With this partnership, QSR and retail customers are able to:

– Receive accurate insight about a delivery’s current location and ETA down to the minute
– Provide drivers with precise and real-time routing to ensure speed and accuracy in deliveries
– Reduce the number of inbound calls for status and location of the delivery
– Accurately estimate their customer’s arrival ensuring a quick hand-off of products purchased online but picked up in the store.

“Consumers today expect an outstanding, highly personalised experience throughout their buying journey,” said Cami Zimmer, EVP business development and marketing at Glympse.
“These elevated expectations are being driven largely by the ‘Amazon effect’, and it means that in order to compete, brick and mortar retailers must be able to innovate and drive efficiencies to improve the overall buying experience.
She continued: “Achieving these goals means leveraging an ever-changing landscape of location and traffic data, something we can accomplish through our alliance with Here.”


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