GMB anger at Community ASOS deal

After the announcement that the Community trades union was recognised by XPO Logistics at the ASOS warehouse in Barnsley on Monday the GMB union has reacted with fury, accusing Community of behaving like ‘bosses lackeys’. For its part the GMB, which has been running a massive recruitment drive at ASOS, describes itself as ‘the union for ASOS workers’.

Community reached agreement with XPO this Monday over the representation of employees at two XPO sites including the ASOS mega facility.

Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB, said: “This is utterly disgraceful behaviour by the employer and by Community, who need to have a word with themselves if they think this will help a single worker in Barnsley.”

In its blast against the Community union the GMB claimed that the deal was timed to give ASOS Chief Executive Nick Beighton cover ahead of his coming appearance before the House of Commons Human Rights Committee on this coming Wednesday.

Roache accused Community of “behaving more like bosses’ lackeys than a union”.

This “is probably why the company has carved up this nice little deal to give themselves some cover. Community has turned up for the first time today and is literally having to give away membership – that says it all.”

People working in delivery and logistics are increasingly turning to unions such as the GMB for support over what they perceive to be pressure on wages and working conditions in an increasingly competitive market where there are pressures on costs.  
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