GMB takes on Hermes over self-employed statuses

A Leeds employment tribunal is hearing a legal claim brought by the GMB union against Hermes over workers’ ‘self-employed’ status. The case began on Monday 30th April.

The GMB says it is bringing the case before the tribunal on behalf of eight Hermes delivery staff who believe that they are being denied the rights afforded to them under the law due to their illegal self-employed status.

According to GMB: “The claimants are currently described as ‘Lifestyle couriers’, where Hermes treat them as self employed, which means drivers aren’t entitled to holiday pay to the national living wage.”

The GMB has been successful in a number of such cases, taking on Amazon and Uber amongst other companies. While Uber is appealing the decision it seems that the law is clear cut – to the point that until Theresa May called the 2016 election the government was planning to change the law in employers’ favour.