GO! Express extends one day delivery in Czech Republic

German couriers and delivery company GO! Express has announced that it has expanded its one day delivery network in the Czech Republic.

The company has released a statement that says, “With the opening of a further five locations, additional significant business centres will be served overnight. Another milestone in 2016 will be the establishment of the GO! brand in Slovakia.”

GO! Express will now be offering one-day transit times in the metropolitan areas of Olomouc, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Pardubice and České Budějovice, alongside its existing operations in Praha (Prague) and Plzeň (Pilsen).

GO! Express added: “The expansion of services in the Czech Republic will play a decisive role in our network enlargement: the Czech Republic has been a GO! system partner since 2002, and belongs to the group of shareholder Wolfgang Sacher, GO! Berlin. Twenty-seven employees and more than 30 couriers ensure timely delivery of the highest quality.

“Under the leadership of coshareholder and managing director Martin Koča, GO! Czech Republic processed a total of 58,000 deliveries in 2015, thus achieving volume growth of 35% year on year. This significant increase was primarily achieved in exports.”

The German courier and delivery company has been operating since 1984, yet has been experiencing rapid growth in part due to the advent of e-commerce. It has moved its interests east to the Czech Republic and soon, Slovakia as part of plans to exploit the growth of e-commerce in those two countries. The new members of the EU are seen as fast emerging markets that could yield better returns than more mature markets such as Go!’s home country, France or the UK.

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