Gopuff buys UK startup Dija

US within-the-hour grocery delivery players Gopuff have bought new UK grocery delivery startup Dija.

Founded just nine months ago, Dija operates in the UK, Spain and France. The acquisition will broaden Gopuff’s reach in the UK (where it has already bought another similar firm this year) and will give it a route to market in the EU. Gopuff plans to operate Dija independently for the moment with its 40 dark stores and 200 staff. 

“For the last eight years, Gopuff has been the market and category leader in the United States,” said Dija CEO Alberto Menolascina. “Together, combined with our team’s extensive experience of building and scaling food and delivery companies across Europe, we are perfectly positioned to lead the everyday essentials space in Europe and beyond.”

There are a lot of acquisitions in the within-the-hour delivery sector at the moment as businesses try to scale at speed.

Gopuff was founded in 2013 as a hookah delivery service for college students before moving into grocery deliveries and establishing itself as a major US operator in this space.

Within-the-hour delivery has exploded in Europe in the last 12 months, and there is a gold rush to buy or invest in successful businesses. Before even launching, Dija sought and won $20 million investment from VC players in the UK market. It started trading in November 2020.