Government pot of money to fix potholes

Great news for fleet owners paying for damage to their vehicles thanks to the poor road network – £348 million of new money is being given to councils to fix potholes.

The Department for Transport money is going to councils in part through the Challenge Fund (£200 million over two years). Other money comes for new infrastructure and improving the quality of roads such as bridges and viaducts. This £148 million can be used towards major pothole problems too.

The Freight Transport Association pointed out it does not go far enough. Malcolm Bingham, head of road network policy, said: “Estimates show it would cost £9.79 billion and take ten years for highways departments to resolve all the road repairs currently needed. FTA’s members and their vehicles are taking the hit for a chronic lack of underinvestment in the UK’s roads network.”

Nice to see some money, even if a fraction of the amount required across the 300 or so councils nationwide…


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