GSO rebranded GLS US

US West Coast delivery GSO has been rebranded GLS US, three years after acquisition by the Royal Mail owned GLS.

GLS-US CEO, Randall Swart said, “Over the past year, GSO has gone through many exciting changes, and we remain committed to providing the best service to our valued customers. In 2020, we will celebrate 25 years doing what we love — delivering packages as an extension of our customers’ businesses.”

The integration programme between GLS and GSO has been taking place since 2016. The outcome reflects the shared values of the two companies – reliability, security, transparency, flexibility and sustainability.

With 2,300 staff, 48 depots, two hubs and a customer service centre supporting 20,000 customers, GLS US is expanding its provision of Priority Overnight, Ground and Freight delivery services throughout the western USA.

“Throughout the years, our service offerings and technology have evolved based on the needs of our customers,” Swart said. “We are committed to continue making improvements to ensure the best shipping experience possible. We’re growing quickly and are committed to living up to our reputation of providing all our customers with the same excellent delivery and customer service standards we’ve built over the years.”


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