GT Nexus – brand loyalty an issue among Millennials

California based cloud supply chain company GT Nexus and YouGov have conducted a survey into why Millennials ditch their most loved brands. It found that 55% of 18-34 year olds have dropped one of their favourite brands in the last year.

According to the research commissioned by GT Nexus, there were a variety of issues behind this: product quality, availability issues, working conditions and sustainability were some of the most important reasons behind Millennials walking away from those brands they once held high.

“It’s no surprise to see a high per cent of this demographic shifting brand loyalty frequently“, said Guy Courtin, vice president of industry and solutions strategy at GT Nexus. “But when we think of millennials we think of their attention being drawn to cool, edgy and flashy.

“These survey results paint a different picture.

“This describes a demographic that’s more concerned with what goes on behind the scenes of a brand, how they produce goods or operate, opposed to being drawn to flash and sizzle such as apps and website.”

The new research demonstrates that quality problems (41 per cent), and product availability (41 per cent) are the two biggest reasons.

The research should make major brands think carefully about the products they sell as contrary to established belief, Millennials are not as religious about their brands as originally thought. This means that those that are well established today are just as vulnerable to the shocks of tomorrow as their predecessors that have risen and fallen in the past. The Apple of today could be the Nokia of tomorrow.
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