Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and DRONAMICS to offer drone delivery

Middle mile drone delivery company DRONAMICS and full service carriers Hellman Worldwide Logistics have agreed a partnership to offer same-day transport services across Europe in 2022.

The service will offer customers looking for an on-demand solution for shipping goods with an integrated service. The DRONAMICS drones will be able to speed up delivery times even while being at a competitive price. Both firms are working on the initial routes to be piloted next year, working in Europe in the first time. DRONAMICS is aiming at becoming the first company to get EU regulatory approval for international unmanned drone cargo flights in Europe.

“Partnering with DRONAMICS allows us to provide our customers with innovative and tailored solutions especially in the growing market segments of spare parts, e-commerce, and cool chain. DRONAMICS enables a same-day middle-mile drone delivery service with an unmatched range of up to 2,500km and an impressive cargo capacity of 350kg. We believe this will be a game changer in logistics,”  says Jan Kleine-Lasthues, Chief Operating Officer Airfreight of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

“We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with a leading logistics provider such as Hellmann, a company with a global network and a strategy to shape the supply chain of the future. Collaborating with freight forwarders is an essential part of our vision to make same-day deliveries a reality” – says Svilen Rangelov, CEO and Co-Founder of DRONAMICS.