Heraeus uses Amber Road Global Product Master solution

Heraeus, a leading German headquartered technology company has implemented Amber Road’s Global Product Master solution. Amber Road is a leading provider of global trade management solutions.

Heraeus has been trading for the last 165 years and greatly expanded its international operations into 11 global business units. In order to support the company’s international growth, Heraeus has established a long term global trade management strategy and this began with an overhaul of its product classification processes.

Amber Road’s solution will centralise product classification for the group as a whole, replacing a system that has been largely manual and handled ad-hoc by the various business units. The new system Global Product Master provides a central repository for all the trade related attributes and is used to enforce trade policies, power other trade solutions to automate other cross border transactions and provide reporting.

Hereaus will be able to ensure correct classification with a properly documented and standardised process of its full product catalogue using the Amber Road Global Product Master solution.

Tobias Bahr, head of international VAT, customers and export control, and senior tax manager international, at Heraeus Holding GmbH said, “Amber Road is an excellent fit with our larger initiative to centralize all aspects of trade compliance. Because the product classification module is part of a larger export controls solution, we are able to start small and grow with a clear pathway toward our vision for an end-to-end global trade management process where the Amber Road solution is fully integrated with SAP.”

Rick Meyer, vice president of sales, EMEA at Amber Road said, “We are seeing an increasing number of companies implementing a global trade management platform as a complementary solution to their ERP system. Along with this trend, more companies are choosing a solution that delivers trade content fully integrated with the logic, which is fundamental to the kind of end-to-end global trade management program that Heraeus is working towards.”