Hermes and Liefery testing ONO cargo bikes

Delivery companies Hermes and Liefery are working on separate pilot projects using e-mobility ONO’s Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT) delivery vehicles in Berlin.

According to ONO, the “missions-free and weather-protected”PAT vehicle features two electric motors and a load volume capacity of over 2 cubic metres, and it does not require a driver’s licence.

In a statement issued this week, the company said: “ONO’s vision is to create cleaner and more enjoyable cities, freeing our cities of traffic jams and exhaust fumes. And the solution does not only lie in the vehicle itself, but rather involves an innovative ecosystem that includes the use of micro-depots within urban centres. Vehicles loading cargo from micro-depots within the city, as opposed to huge warehouses on the outskirts, is more sustainable, reduces the number of trucks in the city, thus reducing noise and air pollution.”

Hermes has already begun its four week pilot. Liefery is to begin theirs on Hermes completing its. Both companies are supplied with two ONO PATs and four cargo units. The cargo units are filled at the companies’ distribution centres and dropped close to micro-depots by van. These are loaded onto the PATs that do the ‘final yard’ deliveries.

ONO said it will use the results of the pilots to prepare for mass production in the spring of 2020.

Beres Seelbach, ONO co-founder and Managing Director, commented: “With our e-cargo vehicles in everyday use, we look forward to demonstrating that cargo bikes are an effective alternative to conventional delivery practices, and that our ONO in particular best meets the needs of urban logistics.”

“In addition to parcel deliveries,” said ONO, “we intend our ONO PATs to be used to transport all types of goods, from food to flowers to furniture and more.”


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