Hermes building biggest sorting hub in Europe

Hermes UK is to build a new, £60 million automated parcel delivery hub in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

According to Hermes the new super-hub is to be the biggest of its kind in Europe. Due for completion in 2022 it will eventually create 1,300 new jobs.

Hermes have named the hub ‘Colossus’, and it will handle 1.3 million parcels a day initially, boosting the delivery company’s sorting capacity by just under a third nationally to 3.8 million parcels daily. The 362,000 square foot hub has space for new tiers and greater capacity.

CNG vehicles will be based at the hub and there will be provision for electric cars and delivery vans.

Martijn de Lange, CEO at Hermes, said, “The online shopping boom shows no sign of slowing down and we have just experienced our biggest Christmas period to date, handling in excess of 49.1 million parcels during December 2019 alone – significantly up from 39.5 million in December 2018.

“Our continued investment to strengthen our network and infrastructure across the UK is laying the foundations for future growth, creating more employment opportunities and confirming our position as an industry leader.”