Hermes faces delivery issues in Liverpool

Liverpool online shoppers and e-commerce business have complained at a spate of lost and damaged parcels sent through the Hermes UK delivery network.

A Liverpool business went to Twitter to complain on the matter, saying @caleo_co said: “@Hermesparcels I am a small business and have been using Hermes UK via @Parcel2Go for over a year. Now I understand it’s Christmas and the delivery elves are hard at work more than ever, but these deliveries are not ok.

“Missing and damaged products are risking my brand.”

Unfortunately for Hermes, a damaged parcel was left on a Liverpool Echo journalist’s doorstep, leading the newspaper to report on the matter. 

A spokesperson for Hermes Delivery said: “The Hermes network continues to operate well across all regions following the Black Friday weekend, which saw an unprecedented surge in sales for our retail customers.

“Last week we successfully delivered 13 million parcels across the country and we will be delivering 7 days a week until Christmas.

“Our successful delivery rate currently stands at 98%, so we do not believe that these twitter comments reflect the service we are providing.

“We would urge any customers experiencing delivery issues to contact the retailer/seller in line with industry practice.”


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