Hermes innovates in Germany

European parcel delivery company Hermes has reported that it is focusing on ‘new concepts’ in order to meet the challenges around inner city parcel deliveries.

Alongside the use of Starship Technologies parcel robots in Hamburg, Hermes has said that it is also field testing and operating pop-up stores in Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremburg and Ludwigshafen.

Dirk Rahn, managing director of Hermes Germany, said that it was important to develop these new initiatives because, while the volume of parcel deliveries in inner city areas is continuing to grow, customers’ expectations are becoming ever higher. They want parcel deliveries to be faster, with more precise time slots, and to be completed in an environmentally friendly manner.

There are a few pressures on delivery companies as e-commerce drives their business toward ever greater volumes. The first is speed of delivery and then convenience to the customer is another factor. With the increased volume of delivery vehicles on the roads, many city governments are looking at ways to curtail their emissions. Businesses that look ahead and innovate new means of deliveries are the ones that won’t be caught off guard by a range of new initiatives from their competitors and governments to tackle congestion and pollution as well as meeting the ever higher expectations of their customers.

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