Hermes integrates with Amazon Alexa

Delivery company Hermes has made the announcement it has become the first parcel delivery company in the UK to fully integrate its end to end tracking solution with the Amazon Echo smart speaker system.

Using voice via the Alexa enabled devices, customers will be able to hear updates on where their parcel is. This works on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Hermes customers will be able to track their parcels by enabling the specific skill on the Alexa app. They will be able to receive updates on those deliveries being made by Hermes on behalf of retailers as well as parcels sent through the myHermes system. They will also be able to track items that have been returned to sellers as well.

Hermes’ dedicated Innovation Lab in Leeds engineered the system. The Innovation Lab is specifically tasked with developing a range of forward thinking products that will break new ground in the delivery environment and hopefully innovate the company ahead in the delivery ecosystem.

David Turner, Hermes’ Head of Digital Strategy & Technology Innovation, said: “An important part of our remit is to explore new and exciting technologies that will allow us to enrich the delivery experience. Digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa have been developed to drive increased convenience, and our research tells us that there will be a future shift away from screen interactions in favour of conversational interface technology. We are thrilled with our initial release, but we are already experimenting with new interactions and functionality that we will be releasing throughout this year.”
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